With the April Showers in the air and May Flowers right around the corner, most homeowners know that spring is here. Spring cleaning is the annual journey through the house to get everything back into tip-top shape. We have compiled a list of helpful tips to encourage you as you move through your house, cleaning each of your surfaces, floors, baseboards, and more. And remember, if spring cleaning isn’t your thing, you can always call on Daisy Days House Cleaners to come and give you a hand.

Entryway Cleaning and Reorganizing

The entryway is the first thing your guests see, so it’s extremely important to have this area cleaned and well organized. Follow this checklist and you’ll see the difference in no time!

-Sweep the floors
-Mop the floors
-Wipe the baseboards
-Wipe the walls, paying special attention to light switches or other areas with a high volume of fingerprints
-Wipe down the door and door knobs on both sides
-Clean your welcome mat
-Throw any entryway mats in the laundry
-Organize loose shoes
-Hang jackets and hats

Kitchen Cleaning and Reorganizing

So much activity happens in the kitchen, especially if you’re the type of family who cooks meals at home throughout the week. Getting the kitchen cleaned and reorganized will give you a sense of balance and relief as you complete the daily tasks of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Follow this checklist and you’ll see a difference in no time!

-Clean the stovetop
-Clean the outside of the refrigerator
-Take any spoiled or outdated food out of the refrigerator and toss it
-Wipe down the shelves inside the refrigerator
-Defrost the freezer and wipe down the shelves
-Clean out your pantry and throw away any expired foods
-Donate foods that nobody in your household will eat
-Wipe down the inside of the pantry and cupboards
-Clean the oven
-Clean out the microwave and remove the glass plate, wiping it down with hot water and soap
-Clean out the dishwasher and remove and empty the food trap
-Dust the high surfaces including the top of the refrigerator and any high cabinets
-Clean all dish rags and sponges
-Sweep the floor
-Mop the floor
-Wipe the cupboards and walls
-Wipe the baseboards

Bathroom Cleaning and Reorganizing

Your bathrooms are the place that stores that most germs, grime, and bacteria in the entire house. By deep cleaning your bathrooms, you are not only going to impress your guests, but keep them and your family members safe and healthy. Follow these tips below for spring cleaning in your bathroom. You can also check out more bathroom cleaning tips here.

-Discard any old or expired makeup or personal care items
-Take expired or old medications to a medication drop off or pharmacy for disposal
-Clean your makeup brushes
-Wrap a bag of CLR around your shower head for deep cleaning
-Clean off the counters
-Deep clean the caulk around the drain in the shower/tub and sink/s
-Replace your shower curtain liner
-Scrub tile grout
-Wipe the mirror(s)
-Clean the toilet
-Clean the shower/tub
-Sweep the floor
-Mop the floor

Laundry Room Cleaning and Reorganizing

There are three things that are certain in this life: death, taxes, and laundry. Since this is a chore that never ends, you might as well have the cleanest and most beautiful laundry room on the block. Here are the things that need to be cleaned in your laundry room during Spring cleaning.

-Clean the washing machine (you can use vinegar and baking soda to deep clean any rust, mildew, or soap buildup)
-Clean the lint trap
-Clean the dryer vent or hire a professional team to come clean it
-Organize the laundry supplies and throw out any bottles that are empty or nearly empty
-Wipe down the washing machine and dryer
-Wipe down the walls and baseboards
-Sweep the floor
-Mop the floor

Bedroom Cleaning and Reorganizing

We all spend at least a third of our life inside the bedroom, sleeping and refreshing ourselves for the next day. It’s always much nicer to hang out in a room that is cleaned, organized, and at its best. These tips will help you to achieve that goal.

-Organize all your closets, pulling out unused clothing and donating it
-Wash all of your bedding, mattress pads, pillows, and pillowcases
-Flip your mattress
-Dust your blinds
-Dust your ceiling fan and turn it to summer settings
-Dust your curtain rods
-Clean your window sills
-Wash all of your windows
-Vacuum your carpets
-Dust/polish your furniture
-Clean or vacuum your curtains
-Shampoo rugs or carpets
-Wipe down baseboards

Cleaning and Reorganizing Around the House

There are many other chores that need doing around the house, but will vary based on your house’s layout and usage. Pay attention to this list and get the ones that apply to you done as quickly as possible for the most relaxing, clean, and organized atmosphere.

-Clean all ceiling fans and switch to summer settings
-Vacuum any sofas and chairs with covers that can’t be removed
-Remove covers on sofas that can be removed and wash them
-Dust and clean lampshades
-Dust any electronics
-Sanitize all plastic kids toys with soap and water
-Run soft kids toys through the washing machine if possible
-Organize toys and donate any that are unused
-Recycle unneeded magazines or paperwork
-Dust bookshelves
-Declutter tools, sporting equipment, and toys
-Clean garage door and frame
-Replace batteries in garage door openers
-Replace batteries in smoke detectors
-Replace air filters
-Replace any burnt out lightbulbs
-Sanitize all door knobs and light switches

Spring Cleaning, Here We Come!

If you love cleaning, we hope that these lists have been helpful in giving you directions on how to clean, sanitize, and organize your spaces. If you don’t love cleaning, these jobs still need to get done. We suggest that you hire the best and friendliest cleaners in the Treasure Valley, Daisy Days Cleaning. You can find out more about us here: https://daisydayscleaning.com or call today for your free bid at (208) 871-8159.